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million to given the police officers a 10% raise. $20 million is not what we have. i'm not a big fan of closing libraries and community centers. >> reporter: the mayor says the city is in a financial position to consider one-time bonuses. that won't be enough. consider starting salaries for the three major bay area cities. in san jose a new officer will make about $72,000 a year. in san francisco $89,000 to $112,000. oakland, $70,000 to $98,000. consider what they actually take home. in san jose they take 20% of their salary toward their pension, about double what officers pay into their pensions in san francisco and in oakland. voters passed the mayor's pension reform overwhelmingly last summer but as the homicide rate reached a 20-year high and response times have gone up for lower priority calls public support could change. >> we're hemorrhaging and
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they're running to us with a band-aid. it's tourniquet time and they just don't seem to understand that. >> reporter: now if the issue does go to arbitration, the city does have some level of protection because voters passed a measure which forces the arbitrator to consider the ability's ability to pay without compromising other city services. this will be in the works for a while. kris sanchez, nx bay area news. the dry spell is nearly over. rain will return tomorrow. here's a live look outside at silicon valley. it's clear now but that's all about to change. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri from the nbc bay area weather center with more. jeff? >> 13 days since our last major rain across the bay area, and for that matter, we haven't seen much of anything in 2013. satellite radar picture tonight look like a storm is coming. you can see very clear conditions across the greater bay area but we zoom out and the area i'm focusing in on is 334 miles away. that is the zone with the cold front that will eventually bring
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us our first rain drops again in 13 days. now let's take a look. tonight that increasing cloud cover throughout san mateo and san francisco counties and then for tomorrow morning as we zoom in, it's that area there in the north bay, napa, morin, sonoma county. anyone traveling from santa rosa down to san francisco will get those rain drops first. we are tracking not only the rain but some extremely low snow. we'll let you know who could see snow down to potentially the valley floor coming up on friday's forecast in just a few minutes. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you shortly. did you know him? did you see him? these are questions the sfpd is asking in the hopes of cracking one of the most high profile missing child cases, the 1994 disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins. 1984, excuse me. today police release ed stunnin new details about a man that's dead they're calling a person of interest. nbc bay area's arturo santiago joins us with the new information on this cold case.
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arturo? >> reporter: raj, investigators do now have a new person of interest in the case of kevin collins who disappeared in 1984. the problem is this person of interest has been dead for more than five years. >> ai appreciate the fact we're still working on this. >> reporter: police are referring to this new person of interest as wayne jackson. although he's used a total of five different aliases and in 2008 he died of natural causes under the name of dan therrien. >> this case is a case that haunts the san francisco police department and the city of san francisco and has pretty much throughout the entire career of everybody that's standing here. >> reporter: new members of the cold case unit had recently been reviewing the case and while reviewing notes on an old interview with jackson, they decided to run a check on his various aliases. they found that he had been arrested in canada for allegedly kidnapping and molesting two
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13-year-old boys in canada in 1973. that's what jump-started the investigation and led to a cadaver dog search of jackson's former san francisco residence last week, which is blocks away from where kevin collins was last seen in 1984. >> we are releasing a photograph of mr. jackson today along with various names he used throughout his lifetime with the hopes someone will come forward and provide us with additional information on his activities and whereabouts when kevin disappeared. >> reporter: during the 1984 interview with jackson, police already knew he had serve d tim for kidnapping and lewd acts on a 7-year-old boy in san francisco in 1982. they also say he had a black dog which is significant because when collins was last seen witnesses say he was with a white man with a large black dog. >> based on jackson's description, his residence on sonic avenue, his ownership of a large black dog, and his criminal history, a person of interest in this case.
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>> reporter: now the chief was asked why spend so much time and resources investigating a man who is dead, wayne jackson? the chief said their main goal is to find out exactly what happened to kevin collins. live in san francisco, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> as arturo noted, this person of interest went by many names. today you heard the police calling him by wayne jackson but he was also known as raymond william stewart, kelley lee dawson, kelley sean stewart and don therrien. if you would lake to know more about the history of this case, we invite you to go to our website and search kevin collins. new tonight at 6:00, a 49ers had in morning. today walker tweeted out this photo of him with alice and brian young wearing 49ers gear.
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the youngs were in their car on the shoulder of interstate 10 when another car driven by a 26-year-old woman hit the back of their car. she escaped just before both cars burst into flames. the woman was arrested for dui and vehicular homicide. walker's aunt and uncle lived in southern california. a dangerous ride for passengers on a tourist attraction in san francisco today. a cable car came to an abrupt stop at 10:00 this morning throwing passengers into the street. a spokesperson from the san francisco municipal authority says a bolt appears to have caused the accident. >> this is what caused the grip which is the instrument right there that the operator of the car holds the cable with that as they were cruising down here or coasting down here. this hit the grip and stopped
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the car. >> investigators are looking into where that bolt came from and how it got onto the track. ten people were hurt including an elderly man who was taken to the hospital after falling on his head. the family of a 13-year-old girl found dead at a park in fair field is speaking out tonight. their comments come as fairfield police are trying to assure the community they're tapping into all of their resources to try and catch this girl's killer. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in fairfield tonight where police just wrapped up a news conference late this afternoon. jodi? >> reporter: raj, police are releasing few details on what they've uncovered. they say they are making progress in their investigation. meanwhile, the girl's family is speaking out tonight for the first time. >> right now our family is still in a state of shock. we hope everyone understands our desire for privacy during this very painful time. >> reporter: that's the message from the family of 13-year-old janelle conway, a girl whose
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body was found. >> we need to thank everyone for the outpouring of support at the memorial site. we are grateful for the love and support. >> reporter: police are still being very tightlipped about their investigation. they've uncovered is yosurveill images of the seventh grader walking along this street with her pink hello kitty backpack on her shoulder. but police won't talk about other evidence they have found. >> we can guarantee you that when the time and place comes, we will be talking more about the specifics and circumstances. but at this point it's really critical that much of this information stays between us and the perpetrator. >> reporter: but police have confirmed the girl was last seen along railroad avenue not far from where a surveillance camera captured her walking. >> somebody knows. somebody knows. it didn't just happen and disappear. no, somebody knows. somebody knows. >> reporter: the manager of a
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nearby mini market says he gave police his surveillance video, too. he says he can't sleep knowing a killer's on the loose and a young girl is dead. >> this bothers me. you know, it bothers me a lot because we don't know who did this. this is a nice city. >> reporter: police are encouraging people to review safety tips with their children, what to do if approached by a stranger, but they are urging people not to panic. they say they are working around the clock to solve this. reporting live in fairfield, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. an update now on that fire that destroyed a home in the berkeley hills. it happened just before noon in a somewhat secluded area. our nbc chopper was above the scene as smoke and fire billowed from the top level of this four-story home. firefighters say a portable heater was left too close to a mattress and caught fire. the flames spread quickly but thankfully not to any other
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homes. the fire danger is always a concern for oakland hills. the family of three was not home at the time. two patients received the same medical treatment with drastically different bills. still ahead at 6:00, our investigative reporter reveals why the medical costs you see are rarely what you pay. also coming up, a food fight here in california. lawmakers zero in on what really happens to mon kri that was supposed to be used for school lunches. a good weekend to hit the slopes. skiers and snowboarders rejoice. a new tool being rolled out that could make traveling to the sierra a whole lot smoother. hello?
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a house fire killed a man early this morning. it broke out in san leandro. the man was pulled out through a window and immediately taken to
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the hospital where he died. neighbors tried to help put out the fire with a garden hose. firefighters say the fire started in the living room. the exact cause is still under investigation. this winter is proving to be especially dangerous for locals hanging out near the ocean. unpredictable surf has claimed the lives of at least seven people in the past month. joe rosato jr. shows us what officials are doing to try to get the word out. >> reporter: the bay area's coastline is some of the most scenic, this winter it has provided the reminders of why it's among the deadliest. >> each year is actually very dangerous in the wintertime but this year has had some really tragic moments. >> reporter: among the tragedies this year, a family in humboldt swept to sea trying to rescue their dog. surfers caught on rocks, a father/son swept from the rocks in marin county by a sneaker, a rogue wave. >> these are people who live in the bay area who have been caught by rogue waves, they've been knocked over by six-inch
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waves. >> reporter: to remind people of the dangers, the coast guard, state parks and the national park service staged a sufb rescue drill today at half moon bay. >> go down on the hook and he's going to physically grab and hold on to the survivor. >> reporter: it's no coincidence this is the same area where the maverick surf competition takes place. >> combined with the strong currents and rip tides that we have frequent ly in this area ad the frigid cold waters, it can lead to a deadly situation. >> reporter: part of the monthly drill, the coast guard helicopter craw practiced plucking a swimmer caught in the surf. >> they need to stay proficient. they need to practice because people get stuck in the surf and they need to be rescued from the surf. >> reporter: the agency advises anyone who encounters trouble in the water not try to rescue them themselves but call 911. that also goes for pets. >> if your dog goes in the water, do not go in the water after it. the dog is a great swimmer. they're going to find their way back to the beach.
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>> reporter: at the same time the professionals are warning people that the professionals might not always be available. the basic rule is to never turn your back on the water. >> we need people to know what the surf conditions are before they get there, be prepared to change plans. >> reporter: in those cases, the change of plan may include enjoying the view rather than becoming a victim of it. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area ne news. great white sharks are not only dangerous. today, though, they became endangered as well. the state fish and game commission agreed to consider adding the shark to the state's endangered species list. that automatically protects them until the final decision is made next year. recent studies have shown the number of great whites has dropped to as low as 220 worldwide. the primary killer of the shark is commercial fishing nets. an old school donation for new technologies. it's been a good day for san
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jose. journalism and communication celebrated today a nearly $9 million donation from what's literally an old school source. emma and jack anderson own the printing company where the school's daily newspaper was published for 20 years. the silicon valley residents saw how the world of communications was changing and knew the university would have to change with it. >> we are teaching students about journalism, about digital media. we're teaching them about social media. so having the technology at our disposal is imperative for us to do our jobs. >> almost $9 million. san jose school of journalism is ranked among the top 50 by college media matters. having trouble making the grade? struggling to address problems identified by the accrediting commission. faculty, staff and students started a meeting to encourage community members to join their fight to save the school. last july the commission placed the college on show cause status citing problems with 14 aspects of the school including having too many campuses and excessive
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nonintrucksal factual costs. it faces a march 15 deadline to show improvement. if it fails the school could be shut down. an unusual snowplow was spotted on interstate 880 in the sierra today. the new snowplow called a tow plow is a trailer with pivoting wheels and it can be deployed while driving. what it does is plow two lanes of traffic at the same time without having to use a second truck. they will begin using it over donner summit. >> i want to go up to the sierras just to see that. >> pretty fancy. let's bring in jeff ranieri. a road trip to the sierra tomorrow. >> that would be good. snow in there. i'm glad we saw a video. if i saw it happened i would think this thing is spinning out on me. that's going to be some good news to help keep the roadways clear. take a look at the highs today.
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60 in santa rosa. 65 in san rafael. 58 in san jose. 64 in santa teresa. you looked outside, you looked up, a lot of sunshine. no indication at least of the immediate sky conditions that we have a storm coming. we do have some big-time changes coming our way. first indication, winds picking up at the coastline, 15 to 25 miles an hour, seas increasing to 13 feet. many of you know that who are from here. if you're visiting we'll see 3 to 5 feet of additional water rise at the coastline and right around the bay so if you're heading near the coast, extra caution. let's take you out live and from emeryville this is a fantastic looking shot tonight. a bit of cloud cover. it will look a lot different for tomorrow with some very wet roadways. now we'll also take you down into the south bay. you can see in san jose some haze. visibility so great, you can see the air traffic center of your
6:19 pm
screen. now back to the storm system. it is going to be dropping temperatures a lot more than those current numbers that are in the 50s. we have the cold front sitting offshore. it will continue to break up as it gets closer so we're not going to see the strongest part of the storm system for the bay area but get a ton of cold air with it. we're looking at some very low rain/snow mix as we head throughout thursday and also friday. temperatures that will likely drop from 5 to 8 degrees below average. and the thing many of you are concerned about is the rainfall. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we'll pinpoint up into the north bay highway 101 down to san francisco as the best zone for those first rain drops. then as we head throughout the morning, one of those scenarios it moves from the north to the south. it enters the peninsula, part of the east bay and then as we head throughout the early afternoon hours it will eventually push down into the south bay. so keep that umbrella with you throughout the entire day as we'll keep that chance of showers in the forecast and temperatures in the low to mid-50s by the afternoon, a bit of wind and it will feel like the 40s tomorrow so jacket and
6:20 pm
umbrella needed with that wardrobe. a chance of showers in here throughout friday and by saturday weather clears out real quickly one last thing if you are one of the lucky ones heading to the at&t pro-am to tournament as we head throughout thursday, friday and saturday, weather forecast, you need the umbrella. some sun and also 40s. >> thanks so much, jeff. >> jeff on the golf course? >> looks like it. a potential danger for pot smoke smokers. the serious condition that may be linked to lighting up. >> reporter: i'm marianne favro. coming up, find out how a walking audit at this south bay school may help improve your child's health. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. and a local airport sets a new record.
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governor brown pitches his plan to reshape california's water delivery system.
6:23 pm
he's trying to sell skeptics on a $14 billion project that would tunnel below the delta. he says the 100-year-old levy would not withstand a major earthquake or rise in sea level. the state has to work now to create a secure, reliable water supply. several farmers said they were leary of the project fearing it would siphon more northern california water. well, it's the cornerstone of california's environmental policy but the california environmental quality act, better known as ceqa, may be about to face some big changes. larry, give us some background information about ceqa. >> just saying it is a mouthful, ceqa. it's very important. the california virm quality act, ceqa, passed by the legislature in 1970 and signed by then republican governor ronald reagan which was an oddity in it
6:24 pm
self. this act requires state and local governments to reduce possible impacts of both private and public drilling projects, in short, just about any development from housing to sidewalks to massive dams and everything in between all under ceqa. just about anyone can challenge a project under ceqa if they believe that the community will suffer adverse environmental effects. it covers, therefore air, water, wildlife, public health, you name it, and ceqa is involved in california development. it is the cornerstone as you said, janelle, of california's environmental policy. >> so what's this fight all about? >> there's a growing fight with developer groups and others arguing for years ceqa is a good idea gone bad. they say that because of these strict rules, regulations and arduous permit processes that take just about forever, are
6:25 pm
that increases the cost, of course. many of these groups have given large sums to jerry brown and california legislature with the hope that finally they'll be able to trim some of the ceqa rules. meanwhile, of course, there's another side to the story. environmental groups are staunch defenders of ceqa. they argue in this case that ceqa is basically california's environmental bill of rights and that without ceqa regulations the coast, farmlands, all these other areas subject to development, would suffer immensely. these groups, too, have been loyal to brown and many democratic legislatures. there's not enough for both in the room. >> this is likely going to be a long, hard-fought battle. what will happen? >> one nearly passed legislation last year, this year another bill is already in the hopper. it looks like there will be some changes but the real question is what kinds of changes? will there be a major overhaul or just something with huge symbolic modifications? but politically here's the deal.
6:26 pm
it could be a boone 0 to republicans because the more democrats fight over what to do about ceqa, the easier it will be for republicans to pick up a few seats next year which, given their own desires to modify ceqa will start the base all over again. >> thanks so much. well, a shorter workweek for your mailman or mailwoman. the post office announces a major change to our mail delivery and the local company that could benefit from it. a call for big changes. the dmoo new proposal to keep student/athletes safer. investors rate the latest report and two tech giants join forces to take down a group of hackers coming up.
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it's a hot topic and it's an important topic, fighting childhood obesity. many believe a simple solution
6:29 pm
is to get kids to walk to school. >> but today police and administrators at a south bay school learn they need to do more to make sure that walk is safe. marianne favro is live to explain this so-called safety walk. >> reporter: well, today a national expert conducted a walking audit at this school in sunnyvale. he says that if kids don't feel safe getting to and fro school then they simply won't walk, and that's contributing to the skyrocketing obesity rate. school's out for the day and as you'll find at most schools in the bay area, that's when the chaos begins. parents and cars, dozens of kids trying to rush to them. some even darting into the streets, which is why today safety expert and university professor mark benton conducted a walking audit of bishop elementary school in sunnyvale. >> i give it a b-minus. at pickup and drop-off there's automobile chaos that makes me nervous. i'm worried about a car crash or a kid being hit.
6:30 pm
that's why i lowered the score. >> reporter: he received input from health leaders, law enforcement and school district officials as well as parents who are all too familiar with the safety risk here. >> parents are dropping their kids off a lot of times when they swing the door open, the kids jump out of the car and dart across the street without even looking. >> parents turning to get their children here. you have kids running across the street at times, cars still coming in their direction. >> reporter: benton says often the layout of sidewalks and streets near campuses adds to the problem. he says families are to blame, too. >> a common problem is the parent thinking about their kid and their time. they're frantic. get in the car, we have to get to dance lessons, and we forget that we're part of a bigger system. we are adding to the congestion. >> reporter: the goal is to use the information from this walking tour to improve safety campuses throughout the county. can kids feel safer walking to and from school. tomorrow morning mark benton will meet with local community
6:31 pm
leaders and he will give them specific suggestions on how they can improve safety at their school so that more kids will be encouraged to walk to and from school. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. new at 6:00, new evidence that seems to suggest the issue of misappropriating money meant for low income school food programs may be more widespread than first thought. california does not monitor how the school district spends their cafeteria money, it's hard to track which districts break the rules. recently whistleblowers led the department of education to order eight districts to repay $170 million to the subsidized meal program. the senate report found the districts were all cash strapped and diverted the money to employee salaries and other expenses. today officials revealed the first comprehensive national plan to protect
6:32 pm
student/athletes. the proposal calls for athletes to have better access to health care professionals and more up-to-date equipment. only 42% have access to athletic trainers and almost half of the schools come up short on the federally recommended nurse to student ratio. many schools agree with the proposal, most schools worry about finding the money to implement the changes. after years of speculation, it appears it's finally happening. the u.s. postal service plans on canceling saturday meal delivery. >> mail delivery will occur monday through friday. we will not deliver nor collect mail on saturday. >> the postmaster general says it will save the cash strapped agency about $2 billion a year. starting in august mail delivery to homes and businesses will only happen monday through friday but packages will still be delivered on saturdays. local post offices that are open on saturdays will also continue to operate on saturdays and will include delivery to p.o. boxes.
6:33 pm
>> everything in my mailbox is flyers and bills. >> reporter: on saturdays? >> every day. >> reporter: so you're not going to miss either of those? >> right. >> i'm very disappointed in the way the government is going right now closing all these jobs down for people and basically it's a tragic thing. >> the postal service has been losing millions for years now and blames technology. letters have been replaced by e-mails and checks have been replaced by online bill pay services. however, that same technology has helped in one area. package delivery. thanks to e-commerce. many people now shopping online. the postal service says it will shift focus to shipping, an area it believes it can still make money. >> our new approach is based on a great deal of customer input that we've heard over the course of the last week to seven months and a strong demand for package delivery on saturdays. >> reporter: the decision to eliminate saturday mail tlifry may need congressional approval
6:34 pm
but the postmaster believes he can proceed without it. netflix may benefit from the new postal service plan because subscribers might end up watching fewer dvds but still pay the same monthly price since there will be no mail on saturday, netflix will have one less day of paying post aage. the company's stock went up nearly 6% today. a worldwide cyber crime operation shut down by a pair of tech companies that might already be inside of your computer. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman to sort this out. sounds like a premise for a movie, like a "mission: impossible" movie. >> reporter: two software companies you may already use say they foiled a worldwide plan to infect other personal computers. the companies say hackers took control of servers. it could push viruses out to hundreds of thousands without the own eers of the computers knowing it. symantec and microsoft said they were able to track down the
6:35 pm
hackers and shut down the servers before the computers were damaged. on line or off line we're doing a lot of shopping with our credit cards. visa based in san francisco reported a 25% jump in profit over the last three months which included the holidays. it also announce add plan to buy back shares of its own stock. earnings getting mixed reviews for yelp. a loss reported over the last three months, stock down 2.5% after hours. yahoo! stock moving higher as news got out they will join forces with silicon valley google. yahoo! says at that it will run some of google's targeted ads on its website. yahoo! shares up about 2% after hours. yahoo! getting pressed because meyer was hurt on a conference call complaining about the company's phone hold unit. so the rapper snow -- remember him? >> no. >> came up with a new jingle.
6:36 pm
no word yet whether it will make its way in but is making its way around the internet. >> i will listen to it, thanks, scott. a decision on whether or not to allow gays in the boy scouts of america has been postponed. the organization's national executive board will delay its decision on whether to allow local troops to create their own rules on gay membership. after a flood of comments, they say they need more time to study and deliberate its policy. the group will take up the controversial issue in may at the annual meeting. still ahead at 6:00, the investigative unit reporter steve stock looks at medical bills. why two patients may pay two different prices for the same procedure. and the serious medical condition researchers say could be linked to marijuana. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. big time changes coming our way for thursday and that does include rainfall. you'll need that umbrella and also the jacket as we head throughout thursday. by this weekend worried about giants fan fest.
6:37 pm
expecting some sun but it's going to be a cool one.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
now an update on the safety investigation regarding the boeing 787 dreamliner. the ntsb chairwoman says investigators remain focused on fixing a battery problem but also warn it could be weeks before they know more. meaning the entire fleet of dream liners will likely remain grounded. boeing is working on a series of battery changes designed to minimize fire risk and keep heat or fire from spreading. the best case scenario has flights resuming in are march. all dream liners in service were grounded january 16 after a series of fires and other issues related to the plane's lithium ion batteries. did you fly out of sfo
6:40 pm
recently? 2012 marked the busiest year in the airport's history. a record for the second year in a row. what's the secret? 97% of the bay area's national travel comes through sfo. recent renovations in terminal two and rir gyn america's decision to use sfo as its main hub have contributed to the increase in travelers. it has like a yoga room in it now you. >> oh, how nice. >> the chairs, too. >> i haven't been there yet. >> i hear they have several restaurants. >> i've been there twice. >> frequent traveler. >> a live look in san francisco. currently clear skies. we'll let you know about the rain drops and when they arrive in a few minutes. yoga and restaurants? i might live at the airport. in sports, spray to all fields. a potpourri of sports.
6:41 pm
it was a who's who list at pebble beach today. we'll have a report from one of the most beautiful places on the planet earth. that is coming up from the xfinity sports desk. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet.
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we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. smoking marijuana may
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increase the risk of stroke in people under the age of 55. a new study found young stroke patients were about two times more likely to have cannabis in their system. pot is perceived as having few side effects. researchers say the findings could suggest otherwise. the study found marijuana use has effects on the heart and blood vessels making a link with stroke more likely. however, they also note more research needs to be done to determine any definitive link. >> if you're like many people when you go to the hospital you probably would like to know how much it's going to cost you before you see the doctor. here in california there is a law that's designed to do just that. the bay area investigative unit discovered major flaws in how that law works. investigative report er joins u now. >> reporter: california health care is a broke system, one that makes it impossible for a
6:44 pm
patient even with insurance to know how much they're going to pay. even though that was the intent of that bill of rights in the first place. doris schwarz works in the medical field. she's a clinical psychologist, and she knows firsthand the nightmare of trying to negotiate california's health care pricing system. >> it has been quite an adventure trying to, first of all, find a specialist who does the procedure but then ascertaining the cost. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed her with a disease that stems from hodgkin's lymphoma she fought three decades ago. now she needs surgery, surgery she has to pay for. and that's why she's now trying to find the best value. >> we don't know where the cost will go. will there be cost overruns? no one will quote us. >> reporter: those answers are supposed to be easily found under california's pairs' bill of rights. it asked hospitals to post the cost of procedures online so anyone can shop and compare.
6:45 pm
it tracks how much hospitals charge for everything from gauze to medication to surgery. it also lists average estimates of how much an uninsured patient would pay for 25 different common procedures. using that data from california's office of health planning and development, we compiled a list of those prices for these procedures at 44 different medical centers in the bay area. we found wide variations in those prices. and coming up tonight, we will break down those prices for you at bay area hospitals. and we will show you just how wildly the different prices are for the same medical procedure. we will show you the most expensive and the least expensive cost estimates for common procedures in this area, and we will give you some advice from the experts about what you can do to become a better health care consumer. that's all tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. >> we look forward to seeing you then. if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit, give us
6:46 pm
a call. you see the information on your screen. 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail to the unit. we hope you enjoyed the sunshine today because it's all about to change. some rapid weather changes coming over the next 24 to 48 hours and namely that includes rainfall. after 13 days with no measurable rainfall across the bay area, the winds already picking up in advance of this system offshore anywhere from 15 to 30 miles an hour and a huge increase in wave heights as we mentioned earlier. think about heading to the beach tomorrow, we already have wave heights up to 13 feet and are undergoing a king tide cycle the next two days so some dangerous water levels at the coastline. right now numbers are wasting no time and cooling off with plenty of clear skies in the north bay and a lot of cold air aloft. we have 46 in petaluma. 51 in napa. even some 40s down here in the south bay like cupertino and los
6:47 pm
gatos. outside to the live hd sky camera network. more of a unique view tonight from palo a had lto, south to the dunbar ton bridge. you'll be able to see the haze from the clear skies today that enabled the pollutant to sit down in the lower end of the earth but as we head throughout tomorrow we're going to get things to push on out and some much cleaner air quality coming our way and a clear view here in emeryville. back to the maps. what we're tracking here when it comes to the rain time line are some of the first drops not arriving at 10:00 tonight. an increase in cloud cover late tonight but as we head throughout 5:00 and 6:00 tomorrow morning those commuters up into the north bay will see the first rain drops in santa rosa, novato and then as we progress to the morning this will push to the south. a pretty definitive line we think right now of rainfall. by 10:00 a.m., right here across san mateo and down into palo alto and introduced back to the
6:48 pm
east bay. as we head throughout the late afternoon and also the evening hours we're going to find that rainfall continuing here across most of the bay area at 9:00 p.m. so you're going to need to keep that umbrella handy for the entire day tomorrow. it's going to be a huge contrast from, again, the wet weather we have not had. on friday we'll still have a few lingering showers and this is where it could get interesting. temperatures on friday morning will be down in the 30s across the greater bay area. below the freezing mark in some cases. that is going to give us a chance of very low snow. some of the usual suspects, st. helena, mt. tamalpais. a general snow level at 2,000 feet. but what we should mention is some of the forecast models even having a rain/snow mix as low as 500 feet which might give you some rain/snow mix there in livermore. keep your eye to the sky again friday morning. otherwise for the sierra 3 to 5 expected. and tomorrow morning temperatures in the upper 30s
6:49 pm
throughout the north bay. 39 in santa rosa. 43 in san jose and 39 in livermore. so take that jacket. otherwise daytime highs will top out in the low to mid-50s here. 56 in redwood city. 54 in santa rosa. and on your three-day we get sunshine back in here on saturday. giants fan fest on saturday. and then we have the chinese new year on sunday and we're also looking at some sunny skies coming our way. so tomorrow showers return and then that low snow possible on friday morning. what a wild turn of events we've had over the past week. >> quite a change. thanks, jeff. >> you're welcome. let's go to sports. i'm getting a little concerned. >> why? >> for jim kozimor. last week he was working in new orleans. this week he's talking pebble beach. next week spring training. >> life is so hard. >> you've got to be strong. there's a lot going on. >> i know. i have it so tough. i can not believe i'm in the
6:50 pm
world of sports. one of the hardest things to do as a man is impress the father of the girl you're dating. two time pebble beach johnson is dealing with that very thing this week. he is dating someone by the name of paulina gretzky, daughter of wayne gretzky. jonathan is now paired to play with the great one during the tournament. it is a nerve-racking situation for sure. good luck at pebble this week. for more celebrity scuttlebutt at pebble beach here is our kate longworth. >> reporter: taking time off from their day jobs, celebrities teed off at pebble beach. although they won't be teamed up with pros until thursday, the celebs used wednesday afternoon to practice their swings and earn money for charity. >> i take this tournament very seriously probably to a fault, but i just have so much fun. you want to make the cut on sunday. this is a good which to get the nerves out and raise some money. >> reporter: any pros in particular you're looking
6:51 pm
forward to seeing? >> i'm playing with aaron badly and tim clark are in my foursome so i'm looking forward to seeing them every day. >> you know, all of them. as a frustrated golfer, it's just great to be in the ropes and stay out of their way but watch them just swing so smooth and their confidence. i'm getting paired with tim clark, which i'm really excited for. >> reporter: and leave it to the entertainers to make it a dramatic finish right here on the 18th when it came down to an unconventional championshipoff. >> that's in! >> i would like to have -- i would like to have this one right here on thursday. that would be awesome. this would be great. chip it in on saturday would be fantastic. >> reporter: and apparently huey lewis still knows the power of love as he traded in a victory dance for a victory song to
6:52 pm
salute the troops. ♪ from sea to shining sea >> reporter: at pebble beach, i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area news. to baseball, a bay area legend. romo solidified that claim by signing a two-year deal with the giants. the terms of the contract were not disclosed. romo was 4-2 last season, 1.79 e.r.a. was nearly unhittable during the giants' rupp to another world series crown. good news for the sharks after receiving a penalty last night for what was thought to be an illegal check on the blackhawks' myers. the league reviewed the hit and it was determined that it was a clean shoulder-to-shoulder hit clearing destrajardins. a bittersweet situation for raiders fans. the team desarted to tarp off
6:53 pm
along with upper sections of the deck as part of a capacity adjustment. however, the raiders will be rolling out some new lower priced season ticket plans for the upcoming season. so some good news, some bad news. soccer on the pitch. usa taking on honduras. scoreless 36th minute. jumaine jones, a nifty little pass he's going to make. bam. that's a goal. 1-0. honduras with the equalizer. look at this bicycle kick. bang. oreg bam, back of the net. 1-1 and then this is the backbreaker, the second half, oscar gomez plays to jerry benson. tucks it home. hondurans celebrate beating the u.s. 2-1. that's a qualifier game, a big deal. warriors/thunder. they're laying the first quarter, russell westbrook finds kevin durant with the jack.
6:54 pm
durant with the steal here. play it ahead for reggie jackson. durant running the floor. that's the ram jam. thunder up 20 points. in the third, that's going to the fourth. was it difficult to gain the love of a future father-in-law? >> yes, it was. it still is. thank you, jim. >> well played, sir. well played.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
$20,000 in uncashed checks stolen from a south bay church. police are hoping that you can
6:57 pm
tell them about a suspect. that's tonight after an all new "chicago fire." from warm temperatures to chilly temperatures, near freezi freezing. >> yes, it's on the way. big-time changes tomorrow with a chance of showers here for thursday beginning in the morning. also another chance on friday and by this weekend on saturday morning lows in the upper 20s. so from 70s last week to when mother nature wants to return. >> it's winter. >> thanks for joining us.
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- new video chris brown and rihanna back together days before the anniversary of the beating, leaving a recording studio, are they reuniting on this weekend's grammy stage? kim kardashian's new pregnancy crisis. >> the doctors just told her,
6:59 pm
stress is going to be a big problem. >> her mom kris on "the view" today and answering rumors she's getting her own $175 million divorce. now trending -- >> mario lopez lost a bet to maria menounos? >> mario's super bowl streak, front page news everywhere. >> nice. thank you. >> i love it. >> i don't. can we let this go now? >> nope. >> then -- >> sofia -- >> mario's new a-list interview with sofia vergara. who told her she would never make it unless she got plastic surgery? and -- >> you told the advocate you looked like a transvestite? >> the arizona fatal attraction murder trial. jodi arias on the stand. why nancy grace ain't buying her bookworm makeover. >> she's a nerd as opposed to the sexy bombshell before she committed murder >> plus -- >> bethenny frankel on her new talk show going way back with a.j. >> he was very, very single and a.j. >> he was very, very single and i was very, very broke.

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